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Tree Care and Pruning

There are four basic needs for a tree to flourish; oxygen, water, sunlight and nutrients.  For the most part a tree becomes weak due to the lack of these necessities.  Many times, the client requests fertilization because they feel their tree is not healthy.  Usually, the reason is a lack of one, or a combination, of the above stated necessities.  We will be sure to advise you on the most prudent and long-term beneficial techniques to promote slow healthy growth.  We cannot stress enough the most important nutrient is compost and can detour certain negative effects an overly maintained or neglected yard can create.  While most of the cases can be assisted with compost and organic nutrients, in severe cases we do offer several services having to do with fertilization such as Direct Inject, a tool that enables us to inject nutrients and pesticides directly into the cambium of the tree and Root Injection which applies soluble fertilizers and pesticides directly to the roots zone.

Kendall Landscape Services is adamant about following proper pruning practices recognized by the International Society of Arboriculture pruning guidelines to promote healthy slow natural growth while preserving proper branch structure.   While each individual species of tree has different growth characteristics, we utilize different pruning practices to accommodate each individual situation.  The following are just a few of the pruning techniques we use and situations why they would be utilized.