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Kendall Landscape Services History

Andrew Valentine Kendall (Owner) was born in Miami, Florida.  He was raised in the Redlands, a farming community South of Miami.  His grandparents created a family business growing, packing and shipping tropical fruit internationally in 1939.  As this business grew into a predominant produce provider in the South East, he was exposed to grove and nursery work at a very young age.  After school, Andrew would work in the groves learning of tree disease, treatment and tree care.  Inevitably, during high school he assisted in growing and maintaining ornamentals and fruit trees for nurseries and local gardens.  In 1998, Andrew graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Stetson University.  After which with an affinity for the tropics, traveled to over 12 countries in Central America and South East Asia.  Looking for something that was not offered on the Mainland, Andrew moved to Hawai’i in the Summer of 2002.  Here, he found the same tropical trees and ornamentals as his home, but with the addition of cascading waterfalls leading to the ocean with cool trade winds.  Neither of which South Florida offered.  

Andrew’s professional landscape career began in 2004. He started out by developing a small landscape company, where he learned about landscape installation, irrigation and maintenance.  In 2006, Andrew became a Certified Landscape Technician for Maintenance.  Then in 2007, became a Certified Landscape Technician in Irrigation.  In 2008, Andrew began a Tree Care division for the landscape company he was currently working for.  Having a solid background in tree care from the family business in Florida, Andrew progressed to become a Certified Arborist in 2008.  He continued to lead the division to exponentially increase annual revenue till there parting ways in 2011. At which time, with the support of his peers, he felt it was necessary to build his own tree care and landscape company by becoming a Licensed Contractor and starting Kendall Landscape Services. After which to further his knowledge he acquired his Certification in Tree Risk Assessment in 2012.

During that same year he became a Director of Aloha Arbor Association (AAA), a non-profit organization started by Steve Nimz to help promote professionalism and standards in the industry and to improve the practice of Arboriculture in the State of Hawaii.  Currently he serves as Treasurer of the AAA of which he has been a member since 2008.  He volunteers much of his time with this organization and the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii (LICH) coordinating training and safety seminars, annual climbing competitions and judging at the annual landscape certification field exam.  He is proud to be a husband since 2010 and is very lucky to have two small girls, 6 and 8 years old.